IC-02-1046 - 100 Analysis Kit

Test system for the qualitative and quantitative detection of Triticum aestivum in Triticum turgidum DNA by means of PCR Real time.


Cereal composition is a key factor in the quality and safety of food and feed. In particular, durum wheat is considered the election wheat to make pasta, given its unique properties like relatively high yellow pigment content and high protein content favourable for good cooking quality. The dough made from durum wheat has rheological properties ideally suited to the pasta manufacturing process. Because of the possibility of accidental contamination occurring during either wheat harvest or storage and transport of grains and semolina, pasta is only officially regarded as impure when the common wheat level exceeds 3%, as stipulated by the European Commission regulation (1222/94, EC 1994). WHEATaKIT DNA Detection Kit allows the quantitative detection in samples like flour, semolina and pasta of common wheat “Triticum aestivum” DNA in durum wheat “Triticum turgidum” DNA.

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WHEATaKIT Real-Time PCR - 100 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1046