Scombridae Long Sequence Kit

IC-02-1201 - 25 Analysis Kit
IC-02-1200 - 50 Analysis Kit

Test Kit for the identification of fish species belonging to Scombridae family by the means of PCR and DNA sequencing.


The Scombridae fish family contains 15 genera and, about, 50 species of epipelagic and generally migratory marine fish. It includes species of high commercial interest such as mackerels, bonitos and tunas, of which nearly 9 millions tons were caught world-wide in 2007. Many of these fishes are present as the main or secondary ingredient in various food which are prone to frauds where low commercial value fish is sold as higher value one. The ability to uncover possible frauds represent an useful tool both for industry and final user.

Scombridae Long Sequence Kit is able to identify the fish species really presents in a foodstuff, using PCR and DNA sequencing of a polymorphic region of CytB. It is possible to determine the authenticity of fish belonging to Scombridae family (mackerels, bonitos, tunas and sword-fishes), and can be useful also for other different marine fish as codes and salmons. Contrast to other “DNA barcoding sequences” that are commonly used for species-level identification, the “minibarcode DNA” used in this test allows an unambiguous result for processed food samples in which the DNA is damaged or highly damaged like canned fish (even in oil).

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Scombridae Long Sequence Kit - 25 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1201
Scombridae Long Sequence Kit - 50 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1200