RoundUp Ready Soy Detection Kit

IC-02-2018 - 50 Analysis Kit
IC-02-2019 - 100 Analysis Kit

Transgenic 40-3-2 event Soy qualitative Real-Time PCR detection kit.


Round Up Ready® Soy Kit Real-Time provides reagents for the qualitative detection, through Real-Time PCR, of event-specific 40-3-2 (RoundUp Ready®) soybean DNA, that is the most known and spread out EU authorized GMO. This PCR Real Time kit amplifies an 84-bp DNA fragment of the recombinant region between the insert and the plant
genome, as verified by the original JRC method, detected by hybridisation with a probe labelled with fluorescent dyes. The increase in fluorescence is continuously measured in a PCR real-time detection instrument.

Product sheets and packages

RoundUp Ready Soy Detection Kit - 50 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-2018
RoundUp Ready Soy Detection Kit - 100 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-2019