GlutKit Real-Time PCR

IC-02-1063 - 25 Analysis Kit
IC-02-1061 - 50 Analysis Kit

Gluten-containing cereals DNA detection Realtime PCR kit.


GlutKit Real Time PCR provides reagents for the qualitative detection of gluten-containing cereal DNA in several food products, fresh and processed. The PCR Real Time kit amplifies a DNA fragment that is present solely in cereals containing gluten. The amplified DNA segment is detected by hybridisation with a probe labelled with fluorescent dyes. The increase in fluorescence is continuously measured in a PCR real-time detection instrument. Gluten is considered allergenic food and it is explicitly mentioned in the European Food Labelling Directive.

Product sheets and packages

GlutKit Real-Time PCR - 25 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1063
GlutKit Real-Time PCR - 50 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1061