AppleKit Real-Time PCR

IC-02-1077 - 25 Analysis Kit
IC-02-1075 - 50 Analysis Kit

Real Time PCR kit for Apple DNA detection in food.


AppleKit Real Time PCR provides reagents for the qualitative detection of apple DNA in several food products, fresh and processed. The PCR Real Time kit amplifies a DNA fragment that is present solely in apple. The amplified DNA segment is detected by hybridisation with a probe labelled with fluorescent dyes. The increase in fluorescence is continuously measured in a PCR real-time detection instrument.
AppleKit Real Time PCR is a useful tool to monitor the presence of undeclared species, like apple, in food products, thus detecting possible alteration and fraud.

Product sheets and packages

AppleKit Real-Time PCR - 25 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1077
AppleKit Real-Time PCR - 50 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1075