Anisakids PCR Real-Time Kit

IC-02-1207 - 50 Analysis Kit

Anisakis and Pseudoterranova DNA detection Real Time PCR kit.


Anisakids PCR Real time Kit is intended for the qualitative detection of Anisakis spp. and Pseudoterranova spp. DNA in fish, fish-derived products, including baby food, by PCR Real Time. Anisakids are nematodes whose larval stages are often present in fish, molluscs and crustaceans. Members of the family Anisakidae belonging to the genera Anisakis and Pseudoterranova are implicated in human infections caused by the consumption of raw or undercooked fish food by causing debilitating infections (anisakidosis or anisakiasis) or by initiating immune hyper sensitivity because dead or inactivated larvae can cause sensitization and IgE-dependent hypersensitivity in humans.

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Anisakids PCR Real-Time Kit - 50 Analysis Kit
Product code: IC-02-1207