4LAB DIAGNOSTICS srl is a dynamic Italian biotech company specialized in Food Diagnostic. We joined our skills with the InCura srl experience since 2001, with the aim of developing high quality diagnostic systems. Today we represent a reference company for many testing laboratories, offering a large portfolio of kits, specialized skills, a consulting service and a “custom made” design. Our close cooperation with University, Scientific Parks and public and private Research Institutes ensures a continuous update on food safety claims and technology innovations.


4Lab’s product line is entirely designed and developed within the company’s Research Centre and is mainly directed to the agro-food industry and public and private laboratories (eg ARPA, Experimental Zooprophylactic Institutes, Universities) specialized in checks and inspections complying with the European Directive on Food Safety and Control.

Incura’s kits are aimed at detection of Food allergens, Genetically Modified Organism, Food fraud, Pathogens and at the identification of species, based on immunoenzymatic techniques (E.L.I.S.A.) and molecular biology technology (PCR End-point e PCR Real time).

Our main research objective is the quality assurance in food production, through the design and manufacture of simple and rapid diagnostic systems, with high sensitivity and specificity. In the future our aim is the development of new diagnostic tools based on innovative and rapid technologies to provide even quicker results, but always ensuring maximum reliability.

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